Learn How to Make French Croissants

Are you visiting France and would like to learn how to make Croissants? Well, Lefoodist offers the best French croissants courses for you. You can now improve your kitchen skills as a visitor by learning how to cook different French food. Making croissants is easier than you thought with a hands-on training. Therefore, we are committed to helping you learn how to make French croissants like a professional.

Our cooking Courses

Lefoodist offers you a flexible, yet inclusive training program conducted by professional chefs. Making French croissants falls under baking class paris category. Baking courses are flexible and compatible with your travelling schedule. We fix your lessons according to what time and day you are available. Our Croissants courses are available every day apart from Tuesday and Wednesday. The classes are shorter on Thursdays and Sundays to ensure you master the baking art at the shortest time possible. The course prices are pocket-friendly and tailored to avoid toppling your travel budget. You can book for your classes online or by visiting our offices.

Our Training Techniques and Methods

Baking Class Paris

For maximum professionalism in our courses, we use different techniques that engage learners effectively. We use hands-on training, thus engaging you mentally and physically. Our kitchens are situated in beautiful locations to set the right mood during the baking lessons. We teach in both English and French thus catering for all tourists. Also, we group learners into small groups to discuss and teach each other what they have learnt. Finally, our chefs are friendly, passionate, instructive, and fun to work with.

Why Our Courses are the Best for You

At Lefoodist, we allow you to learn how French culture and food are related. Food is the biggest transition to learning a new culture. We share stories about traditional food origins, their importance, and the chefs who capitalized the cuisines in French. We link food and chef heroes to ensure the stories are memorable wherever you go. We help learners familiarise with different French ingredients and spices during our cooking classes. Enrol in our courses to experience cooking courses fancied with stories, laughter, and taste during your stay in Paris.