A Provence Delicacy

Located in the southeastern part of France is the historical and geographically blessed Provence which extends to the west of the Italian border. One would want to visit the well-known Provence surely. What would even welcome and attract one to Provence is the delicacy and hospitality. Taking a cooking holiday to Provence is an experience that is unforgettable especially when it’s a cooking holiday.

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Provence offers France and the world the most delicious dishes. Such as the Ratatouille: this delicacy is a one of its kind. You will not only want to have a taste of it but also learn how to prepare the dish. Its taste will leave you licking your fingers, and its fine colour would make you think that you were tasting the rainbow. Like other dishes in the Provence, the yummy Socca will always leave you craving for more even after your holiday is over. You would want to travel back to Provence to have their fine cooked Socca. Socca is what we know as pancakes, but they are even better and sweeter than your normal pancake

Soupe au Pistou: vegetarians have not been left out to, Provence has its vegetable soup that is very nutritious and satisfying to the body. It includes whatever an individual requires a balanced diet. Any time you visit Provence, or go for a cooking holiday in Provence you’ll be sure to let them have a recipe for the soup for further adventure.

If you are the kind of guy who is just into the taste, the Tapenade is a good choice for you. It is made from finely chopped or pureed olives, capers, and olive oil. A cooking holiday in province may just be what you need just to get away from its all and enjoy life and forget about work.