The Best Paris Food Tours For Gourmets lovers

The best Paris food tours for gourmet lovers are the following; Maison Plisson; this is where the leading food artisan are found and best for touring gourmet lovers. Here the handmade patisserie and epicereie are epicerie, a more difficult to find honey like substances example;carrot,English jam and others are found and are thus turning it out to be best toured places by visitors. Its cafeteria attends to homemade sweets, coffee mostly from Terre de café.it also serves sassy ciders and Borderline juices.

food tour in the French capital

La Grande Epicerie de Paris : It’s a genuine food lovers food also has a lot of ad to be eaten there. These are big wine cellar with a lot of other different wines approximately more than three hundred different wines. La Cuisine Paris; there are cooking class and food tour activities taking place at La Cuisine. Gourmet lovers preferable visit it to learn various taste for food especially macaron.

Lafayette Gourmet: this is a food hall next to Galleries Lafayette. It’s a traditional temple devoted for taking meals, drinking and others like home goods. Here one become satisfied depending on his or her financial status. On the other hand increase number on his or her credit card since meals are extra delicious.

Paname Brewing Company : gourmet lover’s visits here to sample the expertise beer made from Paname breweries. There are also a bar menu wild pizzas, burgers, standard cheese and other unexpected choices such us shrimp curry. Laurent Dubois; this where best quality cheese are found. They are displayed as beautifully as gold. Dairy product like butter, yoghurt and crèmes are available.

Maison du Whiskey : It’s a top and quality bearer in importing and distributing whisky throughout France. It distributes to shops, hotel and others quality whisky product and thus why it’s one among the best Paris food tours by gourmet lovers.